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Coffee table tops on pre-fabricated West Elm bases made from reclaimed pickle barrel. Client: AdRoll, San Francisco, ...

Pickel Barrel Coffee Table Tops

Accent Table, Corporate, Living Room, Reclaimed

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Swiveling multi-level coffee table with reclaimed pickle barrel tops for mezzanine level at AdRoll. Client: AdRoll, San Francisco, ...

Swiveling Coffee Table with Reclaimed Fir Tops

Accent Table, Living Room, Minimalist, Reclaimed

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Reclaimed fir coffee tables with dark walnut stain. Client: AdRoll, San Francisco, ...

Accent Tables made of Reclaimed Fir

Accent Table, Living Room

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Two coffee tables - rectangular and round - with white bases made from salvaged yellow pine. Client: AdRoll, San Francisco, ...

Salvaged Yellow Pine Coffee Tables

Living Room, Office, Reclaimed